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Specializing in Employee Opinion and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These have been challenging times for the Human Resource Professionals. How are they weathering the storm?

As a service to the Human Resource community, Gatti and Associates and Discovery Surveys are pleased to invite you to participate in the:
2010 Survey of HR Professionals For HR Professionals.

This survey is being sent to more than 8,000 Human Resource professionals. It has been designed to assess how HR professionals feel about:

  • Their job;

  • The challenges they face;

  • How their performance is reviewed and compensated;

  • Their supervisor;

  • The support they receive in their organization;

  • Their role in their organization; and

  • Their career plans.

Rest assured that the survey is completely anonymous.

Once the study has been completed we will prepare and distribute a complementary Executive Summary Report of the results and make it available to all. The report will:

  • Highlight the major results;

  • Compare the results to the Discovery Surveys normative database of 60,000 employees; and

  • Compare the results to similar studies conducted in 1995, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

Please kindly complete the survey by May 14th.

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Thank you in advance for your participation. Sincerely,

Discovery Surveys, Inc. Gatti and Associates

Bruce Katcher, Ph.D.
Specializing in Employee Opinion and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

President, Discovery Surveys, Inc.
Sharon, MA

Bob Gatti
Specializing in the Search and Placement of Human Resource Professionals

President, Gatti & Associates
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