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The Changing Values of the American Worker

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"The Changing Values of the American Worker."
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As our society changes, so do the values of workers. To effectively manage their organizations, senior management must have a good handle on what's rally important to employees.

Dr. Bruce Katcher will talk about the many lessons he has learned from his more than 25 years of employee research. He has conducted employee surveys for more than 65 organizations and has gathered a wealth of information about workers' attitudes from more than 50,000 employees. Each part of his talk will reveal what is most important to employees today, and more importantly, what management can do to address their needs.

Issues his research has shown to be most important to employees today are:

  • Enjoyment of the Work

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Pay Satisfaction

  • The Link Between Pay and Job Performance

  • Adequate Staffing Levels

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