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How to Improve Organizational Communication:
An Experiential Workshop

This unique, highly interactive, experiential session will have a powerful and long-lasting impact on attendees. Participants will learn what it really feels like to be at the bottom rungs of an organization, stuck in the middle of an organization, and at the very top. They will experience and learn:

  • How senior management feels about lower level employees and why;

  • Why middle managers are always crying, "the problem in our organization is communication."

  • Why lower level employees feel shut out from information about what's really happening in the organization.

  • Why senior management often doesn't have a clue as to what is really happening throughout the organization.

In addition to leading the exercise, Dr. Bruce Katcher will discuss the extraordinarily useful, but rarely discussed, principles of Intergroup Theory. He will also provide examples from his consulting experience about why most organizations suffer from communication problems up and down the hierarchy.

This high impact session offers more than knowledge. Respondents will leave with a strong gut understanding of communication problems and how to improve the situation in their organization.

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