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Don't Let Your Best Employees Jump Ship

Our research shows that one-third of all employees claim they plan to leave their organization within the foreseeable future

But, who will actually leave? Unfortunately, those most likely to leave are the superior, not the mediocre or poor performers. Needless to say, this is not healthy for any organization.

Dr. Bruce Katcher will talk about the many lessons he has learned from his more than 25 years of employee research. He has conducted employee surveys for more than 65 organizations and has gathered a wealth of information about workers' attitudes from more than 50,000 employees.

He will discuss the major reasons why superior performers leave. He will also discuss a number of important retention strategies, including:

  • Tell Your Best Employees You Value their Contributions

  • Provide Advancement Opportunities to Strong Performers

  • Start a "Top-Performer Support and Development Group"

  • Develop a Series of Succession Plans

  • Move Top Performers out of Dead-end Jobs

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