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How Human Resource Professionals Feel About Their Jobs

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Human Resource professionals are managers in their organizations but they are employees of their organizations too. The past several years have been particularly challenging for human resource professionals. The floundering economy, downsizing, pressure to reduce costs, and erosion of confidence in management have made the job of managing human resources particularly difficult.

Dr. Bruce Katcher will discuss the results of the studies he has conducted about how HR professionals feel about their jobs and their role in their organization. This talk is ideal for human resource associations or large corporate HR Departments interested in understanding the views of HR professionals and how they have changed over the years.

The data were gathered from studies conducted of HR professionals in 2006, 2004, and 1995. This report also compares the results to a similar study he conducted in 1995, a time of unbridled growth and prosperity. In addition, the results are compared to the views of the employees from the organizations included in the Discovery Surveys, Inc. normative database of employee attitudes.

In this talk, Bruce will discuss:

  • How HR Professionals Feel About their Jobs

  • How HR Professionals Feel About their Role in their Organization

  • What HR Professionals Feel are the Most Challenging Aspects of their Work

  • The Career Plans of HR Professionals

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