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How to Customer-ize Your Organization

Our research shows that 4 out of 10 employees say customers have trouble doing business with their organization.

Senior management in most organizations has no idea what their customers are really thinking. They are insulated from the problems customers experience at the front lines of their company. Making matters worse is that in the interest of cost efficiency, organizations are establishing systems that mechanize rather humanize the customer experience.

Management consistently assumes a level of satisfaction that does not exist. Most would be surprised to learn that more than 40 percent of employees believe it is difficult to do business with their organization. Understanding how customers really feel plays a critical role in retaining an organization's most important asset, its customers.

In this speech, Dr. Bruce Katcher will provide solutions to these problems based on his 25 years of management consulting experience. Suggestions he will discuss include:

  • Provide Opportunities for More Employee-Customer "Face Time"

  • Get Senior Management More Involved With Customers

  • Survey Customers Regularly

  • Implement a "Keep in Touch" Program

  • Speak With Customers Who Leave

  • Survey New Customers About Their Experience

  • Analyze Why Some Customers Bought and Others Didn't

  • Conduct a "Shopping Study" to Understand the Experience of Buyers

  • Conduct an Internal Customer Satisfaction Study

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